What do we do in Wexford, PA?

What do we do in Wexford, PA?

We bring over 40 years of hands on experience in green, sustainable building and development to your project. Custom homes, additions, major renovations, light commercial and environmentally sensitive land use are all part of our repertoire. We where building green long before it was a hot topic. Our passion is building enduring quality while treading lightly on Mother Earth and we can show you that being green doesn't have to be expensive.

How do we do it?

SureGreen brings transparency to the construction process. Our bidding and invoicing process fully discloses the actual costs associated with every aspect of your project and all costs are backed up with full documentation. We don't play the, estimate, allowance or lump sum price game. We don't cut deals behind the scenes with vendors to quote you one price and charge us another. All the discounts we enjoy from our vendors are passed along to our customers. We work with you to match your budget with your expectations and show you the math that makes it all clear. The fee for our service is clearly and fully disclosed so you know exactly what you are paying.

We are not salesmen we are builders. The people that work through the budget and agreement with you are on the job each day to make certain that your expectations for the project are met or exceeded.

Most important, we tell the truth. Our most important asset is our reputation for honesty and integrity. At no time will we set aside our values in the interest of expediency or with the attitude that what they don't know wont heart them. References from customers past and present are given so you can confirm that we practice what we preach. Contact us today at 724-934-0900 or 724-272-2468.