Green Home Building

Building Custom Green Homes

New Home Builders Specializing in Green Construction

“Custom” is an often misused term. Webster’s Dictionary defines custom as “made to order”. In the context of homebuilding, custom means a unique home built for the specific needs, wants and budget of a unique customer. A standard builder plan with a few changes or allowing the customer to select finish materials is not custom. SureGreen will help you choose or create a design that enhances your life while incorporating the benefits of green into your home.

Another misused word is “green”. Most builders are just now recognizing that building green is here to stay. They are scrambling to make small changes so they can say they are green. Using quality windows, improving insulation and installing Energy Star appliances are the absolute minimum that should be done and can result in energy savings as high 30%. The truth is that a quality home built to current building code should easily meet this minimum standard. Truly building green goes way beyond this level of execution. Fully understanding and incorporating green building techniques can and should result in savings of 70% or more and minimize environmental impact in the process. That’s what it means to go green! SureGreen has been learning and implementing efficient building techniques for years so our version of green building goes far beyond other builders.

Efficiency can be incorporated with zero or negligible added cost when considered early in the planning stages. Ultimately your budget and project goals control what green techniques will offer the greatest value over the life your home. We will lead you through the process showing you your options and their cost versus benefit. The decision to build green is yours. You just need to have all the facts so that you can make an informed decision. SureGreen is here to explain everything while you are making decisions that will impact your life, family and the environment for years to come. Our green building capabilities can range from delivering the best “bang for the buck” to USGBC LEED or NAHB National Green Building Standard certification.