1. What is "Green Building" (Energy Efficient building)?
Green building begins with the suitability of the site and assuring that the structure lends itself to the land. Minimizing site disturbance and managing erosion and sediment control during construction is just the beginning. Waste management and use of renewable resources for construction minimizes energy use and impact on our natural resources. Green building methods include efficient foundations, building envelope, indoor environmental quality, water management and sensible exterior hard and soft-scapes.

2. Why should I choose energy-efficient and environment-efficient building for my home?
Green building begins with the suitability of the site and assuring that the structure lends itself to the land. But also, many efficient building products have come down in price as demand for them has risen. Energy savings of 30% or more are easily accomplished at no cost premium. Savings of 70% or more are available at a reasonable incremental cost. Tax credits, grants and other programs can make once expensive features affordable. The benefits go far beyond energy and cost savings. Comfort, a healthy environment and knowing that you are minimizing your impact on natural resources are the true payoff.

3. What kind of home addition projects do you do?
-Great rooms
-Living rooms
-Master bedrooms and bathrooms
Our general contractors can even add another level to your home if you so desire. Additionally, we take on extensive bathroom remodeling projects. If you have an older home, we can update the existing rooms, add more space or completely change the look to make it more contemporary.

4. What kind of commercial Addition work do you do?
Do you want to update your office space to increase work productivity? SureGreen Construction can do that for you. We'll install energy-efficient lighting controls and heated flooring to keep your business expenses low and your employees comfortable. You can trust our general contractors to design an office space that will improve your employees' mindset and productivity.

5. What are ways I can remodel and update my backyard?
-Install a brand-new deck in your backyard
-Add an outdoor kitchen area to your patio
-Update your paver patio and driveway pavers
-and more!

6. What kind of upgrades can you add to my home?
-Heated flooring
-Hardwood flooring
-Built-in shelving
-Updated paint colors
-Skylights and windows
-and more!

7. What additional services does your company provide other than Home Builds, Renovations, Additions, and Commercial Work?
We are passionate about energy efficiency and helping the environment. We are also providing our customers consulting services and energy audits.