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A candidate for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the two-story residence is a showcase for sustainable building practices and products, from the locally sourced ash front door, to the automated clerestory windows that admit natural light without heating up the rooms, to the state-of-the-art geothermal heat pump that uses 50 percent less energy than a conventional heating/cooling system. Read More.

What is Green?

In the context of construction, green is much more than a color. Green building begins with the suitability of the site and assuring that the structure lends itself to the land. Minimizing site disturbance and managing erosion and sediment control during construction is just the beginning. Waste management and use of renewable resources for construction minimizes energy use and impact on our natural resources. Green building methods include efficient foundations, building envelope, indoor environmental quality, water management and sensible exterior hard and soft-scapes. The good news is that all this does not have to come at a cost premium.

Many efficient building products have come down in price as demand for them has risen. SureGreenís knowledge with these products and methods assures you that there is no cost premium to account for a learning curve. We have done it and know what it will cost. Energy savings of 30% or more are easily accomplished at no cost premium. Savings of 70% or more are available at a small incremental cost with quick payback. Tax credits, grants and other programs can make once expensive features affordable. The benefits go far beyond energy and cost savings. Comfort, a healthy environment and knowing that you are minimizing your impact on natural resources are the true payoff.

Who We Are

Tim Shipley's resume begins in the eighties as an early adopter of building systems that include design, site selection, new building envelope strategies, advanced insulation, foundations, heating, air conditioning and ventilation to list just a few. Tim holds the highest professional designations available in green building including LEED AP and Certified Green Professional. He built the North Eastís first Good Sense Environmental Home in 1991 and the WPXI Concept Home in 2006. Click here to read Tim's bio for more detail.

What We Do

We bring over 40 years of hands on experience in green, sustainable building and development to your project. New construction, existing homes, light commercial and environmentally sensitive land use are all part of our repertoire. We were building green long before it was a hot topic. Our passion is building enduring quality while treading lightly on Mother Earth and we can show you that being green doesnít have to be expensive.

What Our Clients are Saying

The most important . . . and most expensive . . . lesson we learned is to obtain a contractor who understands and promotes the concepts of energy efficient, green construction, rather than resisting and cutting corners at every step of the way. Experience clearly is important, but so is a willingness to learn about and employ new materials, techniques, and technology. Tim Shipley and SureGreen not only embraced these concepts, but also brought new suggestions to the table that made our house better. Furthermore, Tim provided by far the most accurate and detailed bids, with materials and methods all determined in advance, which meant no surprises or cut corners. We knew exactly what we were getting and what it cost. SureGreen was open, honest and fair when it came to overruns (rare), add ons, and the contingencies that are inevitable during construction. In short, we could not have completed our house without them. (We can say this with confidence because we tried, with disastrous results.)

SureGreen was on site every day (and sometimes night) overseeing every detail of construction. They insisted on everything being done correctly, identified and often corrected problems before we were even aware of them, and refused to tolerate substandard work. They were not only fair and honest, but also exceedingly patient with our detailed requests and, rather than rolling his eyes at the installation of another cat door, always remained focused on getting us exactly what we wanted. Construction is not always an enjoyable process, but they made it fun - even when they (or we) wanted to cry.

--Shawna & Sherwood Johnson, Gibsonia, PA